Canadian Recordings is a recording and artist development company that specializes in helping musicians achieve their highest professional, creative and recording goals at affordable musicians prices.

We offer a refreshing down to earth studio environment with top of the line equipment and a fun comfortable atmosphere to create in. We focus on the artist’s vision and creating a unique and dynamic sound around that vision. This is an ideal place for musicians to make quality work in an effective time frame. Canadian Recordings is available for:

• Tracking and Engineering
• Mixing and Mastering
• Composition, Performance Coaching and Music Theory
• Pre-Production and Artist Development
• “Voice Over” Recording and Sound for Video and Moving Pictures

With a diverse array of instruments and recording gear, the options in our studio are incredibly vast. If you are seeking to record a specific way or looking to experiment we have many methods, techniques and styles of sounds to offer you. Here is a sample:

• Modern Day – IPad, IPhone, Alesis IO Dock, App and Remote tracking, mixing, sound manipulation and field recording (Gorillaz, Teebs, Ultramods and Deadmau5)
• 2000’s - Pro Tools HD3 (Mac) with portable Laptop/Mbox and all “in the box” plug-ins for recording, editing, mixing and mastering. (What most major studios used in the 2000’s up to now)
• Early 90’s – Alesis ADAT (Black and Silver Face) tracking, Sony DAT to final mix and mastering on. (Great for capturing a 90s Hip-Hop, Grunge and Alternative Rock Sound)

• Early 80’s – 2 inch 24 track Otari Mark 1 (30 ips down to 7 ½ ips) tracking, ½ inch stereo mixing and mastering to. (Countless 80’s rock records: U2, Michael Jackson, Van Halen, New Order, Etc)
• Mid 80’s – Tascam 388 8 track ¼ inch tracking, ¼ inch or cassette stereo mixing and mastering to. (Early Black Keys, Dr. Dog, Beastie Boys and Madonna)
• 1950’s – Ampex 351 Mono tube ¼ inch tracking (Sun Records: Classic American Rock n Roll, Motown, and The Phil Spector “Wall of Sound”)

• 1946 to 1956 – Webster Chicago Mono Wire Recorder with microphone tracking, Old & Modern Carbon Microphones (Early Hank Williams recordings and World War Two Speeches)

• 1877 to 1923 –Brass or Copper Horn tracking: How it was done in the “Acoustic Pre-Electric Era” of recording. (Tin Foil recordings and turn of the century Swing, Ragtime and Opera)

Canadian Recordings helps musicians flourish and reach their creative goals in productive, fun, enjoyable stress-fee environments. We pass on the range of skills necessary to adapt in today's creative culture, regardless of artistic style and guide musicians on their distinguished musical pathways. We work with artists who want to make great recordings, regardless if they have a "label" deal or big budget and provide the best quality recordings at a cost affordable to everyone.

We have been fortunate enough to work with some commercially successful artists and are just as excited to work with musicians who want to make the best recordings they can. Our high standards in creativity and productivity are the qualities that distinguish Canadian Recordings and this is the recipe for our success that shapes artists into life-long musicians.

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